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BondBusters was launched as South Africa’s first debt consolidation/re-mortgaging specialists in July 2005, as a new division of IDM. As an independent broker, BondBusters offers the most effective home loan refinancing deals, which South African consumers struggling with debt can implement in order to improve their standard of living and financial situation.

Refinancing your home loan, also known as remortgaging, is the process of moving a home loan from one credit provider to another, by using the proceeds of the new home loan to pay off the original home loan with those proceeds, using the same property as security.

Each individual has a unique financial situation and thus, BondBusters professional consultants will be able to assist you with the refinancing process by finding the best interest rates and tailoring the new home loan to meet your specific financial needs.

BondBusters provides South African consumers with the following:

BondBusters will provide full assistance with refinancing your home loan. It is a highly effective method which can be used to:

BondBusters will compare your existing mortgage deal with new deals, finding you a lower interest rate resulting in having to pay lower monthly instalments. Additional equity can be used to pay off existing debt. This process, known as debt consolidation, is a viable debt solution if you are struggling to meet your debt repayments. When refinancing your home loan to consolidate your debt, your home will be at risk, if you are unable to meet your monthly instalment.  Acquiring a lump sum of money may enable one to pay higher monthly instalments or reduce the length of the repayment terms and the amount of money borrowed.