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Consumer Debt Help

Intelligent Debt Management was acutely aware that the bulk of credit active South Africans who earn less that R12,000 pm and bear the full brunt of rising costs of living were left to fend for themselves as they could not afford existing debt counselling services.

Acknowledging the massive issue with consumer debt in South Africa, IDM felt a responsibility to the South African consumer and in February 2013 established Consumer Debt Help (CDH), an innovative and streamlined debt counselling service, specifically for these low-income earners. 

IDM is currently the only debt management business in the industry who are doing something to help these consumers, whereas all other industry players are turing these consumers down. 

Consumer Debt Help has experienced extensive growth and now has over 2,000 active clients, who would otherwise be financially stunted.

Consumer Debt Help is also the only debt counsellor to have won Debt Review Awards two years in a row, the business currently holds the title as South Africa's Best Medium-Sized Debt Counsellor for 2014 and 2015 voted by The South African Public. In 2015, Consumer Debt Help was also voted as South Africa's Best Medium-Sized Debt Counsellor for 2014, this time voted by The Industry Panel.