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DebtBusters, one of South Africa’s most trusted multi award winning Debt Management Company. We have helped over 45,000 South Africans with their debt. In our Cape Town office we have over 350 qualified employees.

The founder and CEO of IDM, Ian Wason, launched DebtBusters in 2007. DebtBusters' purpose is to assist South African consumers struggling with debt to take back control of their financial situation, by offering them tailor made debt management solutions.

DebtBusters offers a selection of debt management services such as 

DebtBusters seeks to earn the trust of their clients through the provision of their primary debt solution, debt counselling, which was introduced by the National Credit Act in 2007. The NCA was enforced to protect consumers from unscrupulous credit providers and to assist those who have already been financially affected by these credit providers, through the process of debt counselling which is a highly effective method of eradicating debt.

Debt counselling comprises the negotiation with client's credit providers in order to extend the debt repayment terms on unsecured debts to a 60 months payment period, and reduces interest rates in order to decrease monthly debt repayments. 

The implementation and consistency of the highest quality service remains the cornerstone in DebtBusters success. DebtBusters professionals focus on quality in all that they do and will provide you with the best advice and guidance for becoming debt free. DebtBusters financial consultants are fully qualified debt counsellors and compliant with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). DebtBusters invests in their clients for the long term by delivering efficient client service and adhering to ethical practices and value proposition. 

DebtBusters is committed to driving economic growth and supporting the creation of a sustainable and prosperous country, by assisting the 9.2 million credit active consumers with impaired credit records towards financial freedom.

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